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BOR Customs Construction & Landscaping has over two decades of experience associated with engineering, construction, and satisfying clients. Our 100% guarantee goes beyond completing a project; we are focused on creating great experiences throughout the project’s life cycle. Our guarantee ensures that our clients understand overall project deliverables and timelines. 

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Most Popular Services

-Site Grading

-Stump Removal

-Drainage Control

Brush Cutting

Removing overgrown vegetation, including shrubs, small trees, and other woody plants

Land Clearing

Removing trees, brush, stumps, and other vegetation from an area, usually to make it suitable for development


Demolition processes require careful planning and are carried out by our team of professionals who practice safety and environmental protocol


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No job is too small or too large

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With over two decades of experience in landscaping, construction, it’s evident that our company has established a strong track record in the industry

  • Good Reputation and Experience
  • Quality of Work
  • Range of Services
  • Licensed and Insured


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We have a deep understanding of the field, proficiency in handling various projects, and the ability to deliver quality results to clients. Reach out to us to plan your next project.

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